Gaita Groove (live) -- PROCEEDS TO KOGI

by Antioquia

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This track was performed live at Ashkenaz Music & Dance Community Center in Berkeley, CA on August 7, 2009.

This track differs from the studio recording of Gaita Groove on Gringolandia, and the live recording of the song on I Like My Bike Night.

The gaita, or kuisi, is a beautiful flute indigenous to the Kogi people who live in the Sierra Nevadas in Colombia. In this track, guitarist Adley Penner is playing the female flute, the hembra, and singer Maddy Streicek is playing the male flute, the macho.

100% of the proceeds for download of this track will be donated to The Elders Project of the indigenous peoples of the Sierra Nevada.

"Norberto Torres (Mamo Sewkukuy), an Arhuaco elder about 90 years old, is recognized throughout the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta as "The Spiritual Geographer" for the manner in which he has dedicated his life to honoring his legacy. It is said that he was “dreamed” or thought into existence by those living three generations prior to his birth. He has journeyed almost all of the Sierra Nevada by foot and knows it like the palm of his hand. Within his area of expertise, Mamo Sewkukuy has no equal and unfortunately no heir, due to the tragic death of his son whom he was training to carry on his legacy.
It is with a sense of urgency (because of his advanced age and increasing difficulty walking) that Mamo Sewkukuy has asked us to help him to fulfill his obligation to pass on his knowledge to the next generation by funding this sacred journey along The Black Line. He has requested that at least four members from each group (Kogis, Arhuacos, Wiwas and Kankuamos) accompany him to learn first-hand the manner in which the offerings at the 54 sacred sites are to be made. The Traditional Authorities (mamos) of the Sierra Nevada agree that this journey is crucial for the preservation and continuance of their culture. They also have requested that the journey be recorded in video for their internal archives. All footage shot during the journey will become the sole property of the Elders of the four indigenous groups."
Read more about the Black Line Journey, and the ongoing Elders Project at:

To further support the project, make a tax-deductible donation to the project...
Earth Action Att: the Elders Project
PO Box 63, Amherst MA 01004
(make your checks payable to The Elders Project)


released April 2, 2010
Written and performed by Antioquia (Craig Miller, Paul Martin, Adley Penner, Maddy Streicek) with guest percussionist Ben Isaacs.

Thanks to everyone at Ashkenaz Music & Dance Community Center in Berkeley, CA (

Thanks to Nikki Stephens for the awesome recording.




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